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HISTORY- (DO: Riverside Aikido Club) 

The purpose for the establishment of The Riverside Aikido Club (now Riverside Aikido/ MMA Club), aside from the teaching and propagation of the principles of AIKIDO, is to give the students, teachers, and staff of Riverside College a martial arts club that they can call their own. Riverside College as we all know has been regarded as one of the many institutions blessed with high-spirited, talented and active individuals. They excel in academics, arts, as well as making the college such a prestigious institution.

And now we take another step. For the very first time, the first martial arts club was opened in this campus to uplift the spirits of the lovers and enthusiasts of martial arts. It is time that they'll be able to share their knowledge and skills and be recognized by the institution.

Now we have a club where the martial artists will be welcomed and acknowledged formally by Riverside College with regards to their field of expertise.

DO is an aikido club as it was presented earlier but it hold an open door to all other arts. This is where the club's name, "DO", originated, meaning " the way". We may have different ways of achieving things, but we all have the same goal. This is also the teaching of aikido. This is the reason why the club is open to all other martial arts discipline, for them to be able to share their knowledge with regards to their own "way" of practicing the art.

It all started with three aikido practitioners who were also students of Riverside College, Greavinci "Vince" Trongco (BSPT batch 2005), Gelkoff " Geff" Calmerin (BSN batch 2006), and Kenneth Lee Materum (currently BSN 4). Geff has been practicing aikido for some time when he entered the college. He was able to join the Student Council of the said institution. Vince, being the president of the Student Government during that time, was able to acquire information of Geff's aikido practice. Because of this, he decided to join formal training with Geff in BAE (Bacolod Aikido Enthusiasts) Dojo. After some time, the two decided to establish an aikido club in Riverside College. However, Vince graduated earlier and was not able to follow-up the requirements needed for the establishment of the club. Geff still went on with the plans and finally was able to finish the requirements needed for the club to be recognized by the institution. This was not possible if it weren't for the help of Kenneth (also an aikido practitioner of Kyokan Dojo) who also became part of the Student Government. The eagerness and enthusiasm of Kenneth finally bore fruit in giving life to the club. Kenneth became the first president of the club while Geff became the president of the Student Government (2005-2006). Both Geff and Kenneth took turns in sharing their knowledge about aikido during practice sessions. Geff just graduated this March 2006 and is now reviewing for the board exams. Kenneth is finishing his BSN course and is still the current president of "DO". (edited: May 2006)

Summer of 2006 (early May 2006), Lean Torre (currently BSMT 4, member of Bacolod Fight Club) conferred with Kenneth and verbalized his intention of sharing his skills and incorporate grappling/ MMA style in the already existing aikido club. After hearing the objectives of Lean, Kenneth eventually accepted the offer. Both then had series of conversations and planning for school year 2006-2007 and for the coming years. Lean then was elected as the vice president. Geff and other guest instructors give them a hand every now and then. (edited: July 2006)


Date founded/ conceptualized: early 2004

Date recognized and approved by the college: June 2005


Tuesday            6:45-8:45pm                        Aikido

Thursday           6:45-8:45pm                        Aikido


Above the Old Library (pass through the spiral staircase at the rear of the quadrangle)


AIKIDO sessions

            Gi or Jogging pants (no zippers, no side pockets) and round neck t-shirt

            ** NO maong/denim pants, NO sleeveless shirts, NO shorts


Club application/ recruitment day; General orientation; General assembly; Regular practice sessions, Special session (seminars, session with guest, session with invited group, session with other councils); Martial arts expo/ demo; Annual club exhibit; Interclub sportsfest; Fund- raising activities, Outreach & gift-giving project; Acquaintance party; Club Day; Evaluation & planning; Christmas/ thanksgiving/ potluck party...

***SEE: Calendar of Activities***

Regular Session
Tue(6:45-8:45 pm)
Thu(6:45-8:45 pm)

Non-strenuous therapeutic exercise routines

Outlet to release stress and promote mental health

Teach practical and effective self-defense skills while instilling a non-aggressive character