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August 19 and 21, 2008. Guest: James Sy Jr. of CMAS (Conceptual Martial Arts Society)
The focus of this seminar is strking - - - punching and kicking.

The club's guest, Sir James, answering questions and inquiries raised by some members.

"Put emphasis on stepping out from the line of attack at the same time delivering a short strike to distract the attacker.

Members trying to follow the direction / instruction on how to position the hand when doing a finger jab or strike.

Group pic A (with Master James Sy Jr. of CMAS).

Group pic B..

"Everybody form one line and strike as instructed." Actual hands-on of the different variations of punching.

Everbody in an on-guard position.

Proper mechanics of doing a basic 45-kick. Swing your hips!

Smile and sweat is a good combination in training.

Group picture (formal) right after the session was ended.

Possible response / facial expressions if you are kicked on the groin.

Lending a hand? or applying pain? Look carefully...